Alper Kiresepi

Managing Partner
Alper Kiresepi

Alper co-founded Core Finance in 2017 has successfully led Core Finance's transactions in Mobile Gaming, Fintech, Cyber Security and Mobility.

Alper has worked with companies such as Ace Games, Libra Softworks, PayTR, Firefly, Akinon and has advised investors such as Actera Group, NfX Ventures, Esas Private Equity and more. Alper has also led Core Venture's investment into companies such as Airlift Express, Bundle Kitchen and mobile gaming studios.

Prior to founding Core Finance, Alper has successfully contributed to major M&A transactions for companies such as Global Ports Holdings and Burger King Turkey & China. Alper started his career at Bloomberg LP and continued at Ata Holding, Turkish investment bank and IEG-Global, leading German technology investment before joining Farazad Investments, a global boutique investment bank headquartered in London, as a senior executive.

Alper received his BA in Economics and Finance and his MS in Finance from Bentley University.