Yağız Sözmen, CFA

Managing Partner
Yağız Sözmen, CFA

Yagiz co-founded Core Finance in 2017. Yagiz spearheaded the firm's international expansion and contributed to many of the company's well-known transactions with a focus on Crypto, Fintech and Mobility.

Yagiz has advised companies such as Firefly, PayTR, Infracommerce, Guggenheim Partners and has led Core Venture’s investments into companies such as QuikNode, 8Sleep, Zigazoo, Upstream and more.

Yagiz has held several executive positions prior to founding Core Finance, including Partner at Farazad Investments, a global boutique investment bank in London and as venture capital investor at Smyrna Capital, a VC fund based in Washington D.C. with $500 Million in assets under management and Bravosolution, a leading IT management consultancy and software company later acquired by Jaeger.

Yagiz received his BA in Economics from Tufts University, his MBA from London Business School and is a CFA® charterholder.